Hi, there! I’m Bohdan 👋

Currently, I’m the Head of Product at Tumblr, where I’m reinventing the platform’s business model. I’m leading the team in charge of non-ad monetization, helping to decrease Tumblr’s dependency on advertising and make it a diversified, sustainable business.

Random facts about me:
  • Grew up in a small village in Western Ukraine. My first school had only eight grades.
  • Was a sophomore in a US high school in Midwest.
  • Was an assistant to an MP at the Canadian Parliament.
  • Tried building a Bloomberg terminal for crypto. I failed, but we sold the tech.
  • Was building security products and advanced motion detection at Ring (Amazon).
  • Co-founded KOLO, a non-profit helping Ukrainian defenders get more technologically advanced. We’ve raised $10M in donations so far.

Before, I led numerous product teams, built several successful products, and founded a few startups that didn’t make it. So my journey taught me a lot.

With this blog, I want to share my knowledge and experience from building products, help others learn from my mistakes, and get inspired by my humble successes. Hopefully, you’ll find something useful here. If not, at least I can entertain you a bit.

If you’d like to reach out, please email me or drop a DM on Twitter.

See ya around ✌️