Hi there! I’m Bohdan 👋

By day, I am the Product Manager at Ring where I’m building the advanced tech behind the most popular video doorbells and security cameras. But who am I kidding? I mostly bring coffee to engineers.

By night, I’m working on my side hustles and tinkering with new products. Currently, I’m working on Totallib, a note-taking tool for better thinking.

Over the years, I tried myself in a bunch of industries – from grain trading to politics – before landing a job in tech. Since then, I’ve led a number of product teams, built a couple of successful products, and founded a few startups that didn’t make it.

I hail from Ukraine and my journey has taught me a lot. With this blog, I want to help others learn from my mistakes and get inspired by my humble successes.

Hopefully, you’ll find something useful here. If not, at least I can entertain you a bit.

If you’d like to reach out, please shoot me an email or drop a DM on Twitter.