Why Goals Don’t Work as We Expect

goals vs systems

We relentlessly set goals — weekly, monthly, yearly.

We think if there’s a goal, we’re continually moving towards it. The goal resembles a destination, and it seems as if our desire is strong enough, we’ll be able to get there.

But it’s not the case.

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What I Learned Losing $139,000 Trading Crypto

The story about the failure that may set others out for success. This piece was originally published by me on HackerNoon and became a top story.

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There is something fascinating about trading, especially cryptocurrency trading. Every time you open a position, you feel like you know something others don’t, something that puts you on a pedestal. When you are right, you feel like you’ve beaten the market, but this is the exact moment when the market starts to beat you.

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Product Designer

A how-to guide on finding hidden gems in the crowd. This piece was originally published on freeCodeCamp and republished by Marvel.

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Finding the right person for a startup can be hard, but finding the first product designer to strengthen your product in terms of aesthetics and usability can be even harder. From the very beginning, you want someone who is capable of leading the design process. 

We had this hiring challenge recently at Kattana because we were trying to find a design rockstar for our product. While we were interviewing a bunch of product designers, I came up with a list of questions that now helps us scan potential hires like an X-Ray.

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